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Tecoflex®   Aliphatic polyether TPU available in a variety of durometer, color, and radiopacifier formulations. Tecoflex polymers are easy to process and resists yellowing by aging.
Tecothane®   An aromatic polyether TPU in a variety of durometer, color, radiopacifier formulations. Tecothane resins offer improved solvent resistance and biostability.
Carbothane®   Aliphatic polycarbonate TPU available in a variety of durometer, color, and radiopacifier formulations. Carbothane is easy to process, offers excellent oxidative stability, and provides long term biostability.
Tecophilic®   Aliphatic polyether TPU formulated to absorb from 20 to 1000% by weight of the dry resin, while maintaining much of its properties. Solution of extrusion grades available.
Isoplast®   Rigid TPU available in impact modified, clear, and glass filled grades. Isoplast is designed to rigid polymer requirements.
Pellethane® and Estane®   Aromatic TPUs in polyether available in polyether and polyester forms. Available in natural color and wide range of durometers.
All Thermedics™ Polymers Products are specifically formulated for excellent biostability, biocompatibility, flexural endurance, high strength and the processing versatility demanded by the medical and healthcare industry.
Tecoflex®-Aliphatic Polyether TPUs
Priduct Hardness Flex Modulus Character
EG-80A 72A 1,000 Clear
EG-85A 77A 2,300 Clear
EG-93A 87A 3,200 Clear
EG-100A 94A 1,000 Clear
EG-60D 51D 13,000 Clear
EG-65D 60D 37,000 Clear
EG-68D 63D 46,000 Clear
EG-72D 67D 92,000 Clear
EG-80A-B20/B40 73A/78A 1,200/1,500 Radiopaque
EG-85A-B20/B40 83A/86A 2,700/3,700 Radiopaque
EG-93A-B20/B40 90A/95A 5,000/4,700 Radiopaque
EG-100A-B20/B40 93A/98A 17,000/14,000 Radiopaque
EG-60D-B20/B40 55D/65D 27,000/27,000 Radiopaque
EG-65D-B20/B40 63D/78D 82,000/97,000 Radiopaque
EG-68D-B20 73D 76,600 Radiopaque
EG-72D-B20/B40 75D/82D 125,000/179,000 Radiopaque
Tecophilic® - Aliphatic Polyether TPUs
Priduct Hardness Flex Modulus Ultimate Elongation % Dry/Wet H20 Absorption
HP-93A-100 83A 2,900 1040/620 100%
HP-60D-20 43D 4,300 430/390 20%
HP-60D-35 42D 4,000 450/390 35%
HP-60D-60 41D 4,000 500/300 60%
SP-80A-150 70A 600/1000 150%
SP-93A-100 83A 2,900 1040/620 100%
SP-60A-60 41D 4,000 500/300 60%
TG-500 60D dry 100/200 500%
TG-2000 60D dry 100/weak gel 900%
*Flexural Modulus(psi):ASTM D790;Ult. Elongation(%):ASTM D412;H20 Absorption:Thermedics Method
Carbothane®- Aliphatic Polycarbonate TPUs
Priduct Hardness Flex Modulus Character
PC-3575A 73A 620 Clear
PC-3585A 84A 1,500 Clear
PC-3595A 95A 4,500 Clear
PC-3555D 60D 24,000 Clear
PC-3572D 71D 92,000 Clear
PC-3575A-B20 73A 860 Radiopaque
PC-3585A-B20 89A 1,700 Radiopaque
PC-3595A-B20 96A 8,600 Radiopaque
PC-3555D-B20 60D 25,000 Radiopaque
PC-3572D-B20 75D 141,000 Radiopaque
*Flexural Modulus(psi):ASTM D790
Pellethane®- Aliphatic Polyether TPUs
Priduct Hardness Flex Modulus App Type Approval
2363-80A 81A Injection USP Class VI
2363-80AE 85A Extrusion USP Class VI
2363-90A 90A 11,000 Injection USP Class VI
2363-90AE 90A 10,000 Extrusion USP Class VI
2363-55D 55D 25,000 Injection USP Class VI
2363-55DE 53D 22,000 Extrusion USP Class VI
2363-65D 62D 32,000 Injection USP Class VI
2363-75D 76D 190,000 Injection USP Class VI
*Flexural Modulus (psi):ASTM D790
Tecothane®- Aromatic Polyether TPUs
Priduct Hardness Flex Modulus Character
TT-1074A 75A 1,300 Clear
TT-1085A 85A 3,000 Clear
TT-1095A 94A 8,000 Clear
TT-1055D 54D 18,000 Clear
TT-1065D 64D 26,000 Clear
TT-1069D 69D 44,000 Clear
TT-1072D 74D 73,000 Clear
TT-1075D-M 75D 180,000 Clear
TT-2074A-B20/B40 77A/83A 1,800/2,800 Radiopaque
TT-2085A-B20/B40 87A/88A 3,500/3,800 Radiopaque
TT-2095A-B20/B40 97A/97A 8,500/12,000 Radiopaque
TT-2055D-B20/B40 55D/64D 19,000/24,000 Radiopaque
TT-2065D-B20/B40 67D/75D 31,000/58,000 Radiopaque
TT-2069D-B20 70D 50,000 Radiopaque
TT-2072D-B20 75D 80,000 Radiopaque
TT-2075D-B20/B40 77D/84D 190,000/421,000 Radiopaque
*Flexural Modulus(psi):ASTM D790
Isoplast® - Rigid TPU with Chemical & Impact Resistance
Priduct Hardness Flex Modulus Character Approval
2510 116R 260,000 Impact Modified USP Class VI
2530 121R 330,000 Transparent USP Class VI
2531 123R 340,000 Transparent USP Class VI
2540 1,500,000 LGF USP Class VI
2560 2,200,000 LGF USP Class VI
*Flexural Modulus(psi):ASTM D790
Tecoplast® - Rigid TPU with Chemical & Impact Resistance
Priduct Hardness Flex Modulus Character
OP-770 82D 250,000 Opaque
TP-470 82D 300,000 Transparent
OP-570 84D 320,000 Opaque
*Flexural Modulus(psi):ASTM D790
Backed by the resources of a global organization, Lubrizol is uniquely positioned to supply custom medical resin and tubing products. Our tubing production facility is designed to meet a variety of specific needs, with all tubing meeting strict quality control measures at exact dimensions, durometers and strength tolerances.
In addition, we can extrude tubing with the most demanding specifications, including:
-Extremely small diameters or complex lumen configurations
-Clear, pigmented or up to 60 percent rediopaque-filled tubing
-Co-extruded tubing with radiopaque striping
Cross sections below show a variety of lumen configurations available.
Custom extruded tubing is available in many durometers and radiopaque grades of our thermoplastic polyurethanes.
All marks are owned by The Lubrizol Corporation.