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Lubrizol’s Estane Engineered Polymers offer zero halogen flame-retardant compounds which combine good mechanical properties and processing. For some specific applications in building and construction environments and mass transit construction, flame retardancy and low-smoke fire materials are necessary. Lubrizol offers aselection of halogenated and non-halogenated flame retardant compounds for cable jacketing materials, injections molded parts and other extrusion profiles.
Benefits of Estane Engineered Polymers
In the last decade, environmental groups have lobbied increasingly to bring down the emissions of carcinogenic dioxins and halogens, as well as to decrease the presence of certain stabilizers, plasticizers and flame retardants. This has had its effects on the use of PVC in the wire and cable industry, as well as halogenated flame retardants in thermoplastic polyurethanes(TPUs). The European Union has shifted its focus to non-halogenated flame-retardant compounds in legislation and for specifications. The European cable specifications are less stringent on standards for ignitability and flame propagation to attain the objective of “Zero Halogen/Low Smoke.”
Lubrizol is responding to this challenge by continuing to develop and introduce Estane Engineered Polymers with zero halogen content while maintaining the essential mechanical and processing properties inherent to TPUs and other engineered polymers.
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Product specifications
Product Hardness Finish UL Vertical
Burn Rating
Low smoke
(Yes or No)
Halogen 58370 80A matte V2/LOI25 High No Low-Temperature Flexibility
58202 85A matte V0/LOI30 High No Industry Standard
58211 90A matte V0/LOI32 High No Standard Grade
HFR85AT3 85A matte V0/LOI30 High No Industry Standard
Non-Halogen ZHF 70AT3 70A matte V2/LOI25 High No Softest NHFR/silky matte
ZHF 75AT8 75A Gloss V2/LOI25 High No Soft
ZHF 78AT3 78A Gloss V2/LOI25 High No NHFR/Gloss
ZHF 82AT3 82A Gloss V2/LOI25 High No NHFR/Gloss
ZHF 85AT3 85A Gloss V2/LOI25 High No NHFR/Gloss
ZHF 85AT8 85A matte V2/LOI28 High No Excellnt FR performance/VW-1
58244 90A matte V2/LOI28 Average Yes Low smoke
ZHF 90AT2 90A matte V2/LOI25 High Yes Higher Mechanicals
ZHF 90AT3 90A matte V2/LOI28 High No Excellent FR performance/VW-1
ZHF 95AT3 95A matte V0/LOI39 Average No High LOI
ZHF 85AB3 85A matte V0/LOI28 High No High mechanical/silky matte
ZHF 90AB3 90A matte V0/LOI28 High No High mechanical/silky matte
EXP ZHF 85AP3 85A matte V0/LOI26 High No High heating resistance/high chemical resistance
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