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Master Batch
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IDP Master Batch
Inherenty Static Dissipative masterbatch
Hygroscopic : up to 3.5 moisture
Pre-drying is a must/Forced air desiccant type drier required
Lower than -30℃ dew point condition
70-75 ℃/4-6 hrs or 55-60 ℃/overnight
Dried IDP MB pellets can quickly absorb moisture back from air on host resin
Check the IDP MB moisture level before processing
-0.01% Best
-0.03% Can be Processed
-0.10% Extreme Surface Defects
-0.15% Foa
8 5 7.5 7 5 31
Specific Gravity 1.16 1.18 1.17 1.19 1.20 1.20
Refractive Index 1.52 1.53 1.53 1.54 1.54 1.52
Melting Point by DSC(℃) 137 138 140 150 151 154
Hardness(Shore A) 70 73 76 75 70 70
Surface Resistivity
2.E+08 2.E+08 4.E+08 3.E+08 4.E+08 1.E+09
Volume Resistivity
9.E+07 8.E+07 3.E+07 1.E+08 9.E+07 1.E+09
Adapted Thermoplastic Resins PE, POE, EVA PP PS, HIPS, ABS PS, HIPS, ABS PMMA, MS Flexible PVC
UV MasterBatch
Polyester and polyether based TPU are sensitive to UV radiation; the latter being less resistant. For some Estane® product, we add various kinds of UV additives into the polymer during production in order to improve UV resistant but for some application like shoe industry, UV resistance is more critical so UV master batch is widely used.
Exposure time TPU TPU+UV M/B
3% UV M/B 5% UV M/B
0 Hour 1.6 1.7 1.7
24 Hour 26.9 3.5 3.2
48 Hour 33.3 5.2 4.9
72 Hour 36.3 7.9 6.2
96 Hour 40.3 9.7 7.1
120 Hour 42.5 14.1 11.9
Color Master Batch
The Nextech materials manufactures based on orders and supplies diverse color masterbatch.
Color masterbatch is produced in granule and dry blend form and we have supplied the most suitable goods to customers by our innovative chemical know-how and technological strength
Applications : automotive, accessory, packaging construction, household, fibers, sports and leisure and many other sectors.
When choosing our Color masterbatch, customers can count on comprehensive technical advice concerning products and end applications as well as excellent marketing support.
our well-trained sales personnel, technicians and expert colorists will provide you with the best masterbatch solution for your demands!
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