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Lubrizol’s Estane Engineered Polymers aliphatic TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) range is designed to combine durability and aesthetic properties in one single material. This innovative product series is perfect for coloured or transparent applications that will be exposed to UV light, and where non-yellowing, durability and weatherability performance are key requirements.
For both light- and dark-colour parts and a high class aesthetic finish, manufacturers, designers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) can rely on our aliphatic TPU range to make their products more amazing.
-Colour stability upon UV exposure
-Can be processed via extrusion or injection moulding
-Excellent staining/blooming resistance
-Non-yellowing appearance
-Long-term performance for superior abrasion and scratch resistance.
-Cost-effective manufacturing solution (fast-cycling, high-flow or low density grades)
-Superior chemical resistance.
-Excellent flexibility, elastic/rebound and resilience properties
-Hypoallergenic and odourless
Top product Selections
Alphatic TPU innovations listed per applications / grades include:
Priduct Hardness Density Tensile Strength Application
Pearlthane®D91T80 84 Shore A 1.13 34 Moulded Parts
Pearlthane®91T85 88 Shore A 1.13 30 Moulded Parts
Estane®ALR CL87AV 85-90 Shore A 1.1 62 Protection Film
Estane®ALR E87AV 87 Shore A 1.08 53 Protection Film
Estane® ALR E77AV 77 Shore A 1.05 43 Protection Film
Estane® AG-8451 80 Shore A 1.08 48 Ballistic Glass
Estane® AG-4950 1.06 24 Ballistic Glass
Pearlcoat®Activa D198K 70 Shore A 1.1 25 Low- Gloss Moulded and Extruded Parts
-Surface protection films
-Cast/Blown film
-Ballistic glass
-Automotive interiors
-Various moulded parts
-Consumer goods and appliances
-Housing/Overmoulded grips
Sports& Recreation
Aliphatic TPUs provide excellent
UV resistance for light colours as shown below :
UV Stability
Test Method : ASTM G154 (Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Apparatus for UV Exposure of No Materials)
Apparatus : Q-UV (Q-Panel corp.)
Test conditions : Lamp A (315~400nm), Temperature ~50℃, Exposure time -400hrs
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